Fashade Fascia System

Fashade is an elegant option to a traditional pelmet solution. The system presents a fascia which conceals the hardware and fabric roll at the top for a neat and tidy finished look. Fashade is compatible with a variety of window coverings such as roller blinds, vertical blinds, and panel glide. It can be fitted in a reveal or face fixed and is available in a variety of popular colours.

Colours – White, Clear Anodised, Black, White Birch.














Uniline Pelmet

Sleek and ingenious yet distinguished the Uniline Pelmet has a modern appearance. It neatly covers the top front of your blind, endcaps or returns can also be added to further hide the side and protect the blinds from dust and dirt. Fabric insert can be added to your pelmet to match the fabric on your blinds.

Colour – White











1. Universal Pelmet Corner
2. Pelmet
3. L & R Returns
3A. Pelmet Endcap
4. Universal Mounting Bracket
5. Face fix Bracket

Decora Pelmet

The Decora Pelmet provides a simple but elegant cover to conceal roller blinds that are face or reveal fitted. The 100mm pelmet profile can be fabric wrapped to create connection between the blind fabric and the room décor.

The Decora Pelmet system can be recessed or wall mounted to allow easy snap on of the profile. The system comprised end covers that are fixed to each side, which incorporate the standard 40mm brackets. End covers are also colour matched, a centre bracket is available and can be used for extra support for extra wide pelmets.

Colours – Anodised, Black, Cream, White














When measuring a pelmet use the internal measurement as your make size.  You best to measure at points and give us the larger width when ordering.

Width / Length : It is recommended that you should measure 20mm larger than the blind or curtain track the pelmet is covering for Face Fit.

Return or Depth : This is the measure of how far the pelemt protrudes from the wall. Please consider how the product stacks to make sure you have coverage needed.

Remember to consider the window sorroundings

Delivery Charges – Due to the specialised sizing requirements when packaging pelmets, these are all POA with the exception of Fashade Pelmets.