Roman Blind


Add the designer touch to any room with the soft fabric folds of ROMAN BLINDS.

ROMANS provide a contemporary look and feel with a large range of translucent, light filtering fabrics in fashionable tones and textures and block out fabrics for greater light and privacy control.

Choose from BUNGALOW style with extruded “aluminium battens” for that traditional ROMAN look, or feature stylish HOMESTEAD design with “timber battens” in woodgrain or painted finishes.

Operating options include the traditional corded system with “cord lock” or a continuous “chain drive” system which removes the cords. A tensioning device is installed with all ROMANS to enhance your child’s safety.

Top Rail

Material Chain Drive:
Aluminium extrusion with pressure-sensitive Velcro insert for fabric fixings

Material Cord Drawn:
Foamwood top rail: 40mm x 40mm
Fabric and pulleys attached.

Available Sizes

Maximum width 2400mm with timber battens
Maximum width 2950 mm with aluminium battens

Maximum drop 3100mm

6 square metres

Installation Brackets

Cord Drawn Blind:
Zinc plated steel ‘L’ bracket and fixing plate for both Reveal fix and Face fix applications.

Chain Drive Blind:
Spring loaded universal bracket for Reveal fit and Face applications

Zinc plated Steel


Clear, Brass, Chrome

Timber, Brass, Chrome

Panel Sizes

Top Panel:
280mm depth

Intermediate Panel:
200mm depth

Bottom Panel:
Variable, dependent on blind drop


Side hems on all blinds except Sunscreens

Bottom Trim

Fabric pocket enclosing foamwood lathe

Type Of Operation

2mm 100% polyester with reinforced core
Located at front of blind for convenience on LHS or RHS
Manual drawing of cord to lift and drop blind with integral pulley system
Cord lock standard

A geared head unit operated by a beaded chain
Chain is polyester cord with nylon beads for ease of operation
Left or right control available
Range of beaded chain colours


‘C’ section aluminium houses a fold with spline which separates and locates the blind panels
Fixing: nylon spline
Polycarbonate batten cord clips and batten endcaps
Available in off white and black

Half circle timber battens either side of fabric
Held by metal staples
Connected to lift cords
Range of colours available

Blind Styles

Cord operated Roman with aluminium battens. Fabric valance (100mm wide)

Cord operated Roman with timber battens. Fabric valance (100mm wide)

Chain operated Roman with aluminium battens. Velcro attachment of fabric (NO fabric valance)

Chain operated Roman with timber battens. Velcro attachment of fabric (NO fabric valance)

Child Safety

Cord operated blind is supplied with polycarbonate or metal cleats. Chain Drive Blind is supplied with a polycarbonate chain restraint.