• Colours available in Frame and Bottom-Rail: Black, Silver & White
  • Face Fit recommended for better blackout coverage
  • Recommended for blinds up to 3m wide by 3m drop
  • Cassette maybe used with or without the side channels
  • Stainless Steel or Plastic Chain Loop
  • Geared Chain Mechanism
  • Rubberised chain guide minimises noise from chain operation
  • Side channel and base bar fitted with brush strip
  • Use with tube sizes up to 45mm heavy duty
  • Designed to be fitted with a brush strip on the side channels and base bar which we have available
  • Reveal option should be measured like a shutter and smallest measurement for width and drop given
  • Reveal option might have gaps as windows are generally out of square (gap fill might be needed)
  • Product is available for Motorisation – Please refer to Motorised page for costing.
  • Not available for linked or double applications


Pricing is an addition to the Roller price. Not to be sold separately


Will this system stop all light from entering through the window?

Not necessarily. For instance, many window frames are not perfectly square or straight. In reveal fit installations this can create a very small gap between the frame and profile which may allow some light to pass around the system, although it is often possible to seal such gaps if needed. Fabric choice also plays a big part with block out types being the most suitable.